Bendoriks International LTD has grown to become a conglomerate encompassing travel/tours and OIL SERVICING

BENDORIKS INTERNATIONAL LTD . is a wholly Nigerian owned company; The Company has a depth of technical and managerial expertise carefully nurtured since inception, a reputation for reliability and a sharply defined business focus, which has forged the organization into a modern, highly competitive supplier of General Merchandize to the domestic and global markets. This has been achieved through ongoing alignment with international best practices and a comprehensive understanding of the global business environment, ensuring the company's continued global competitiveness and participation in international markets. BENDORIKS INTERNATIONAL LTD  global standing is further unpinned through its business assistance agreement with EURO TRADE IMPORT/EXPORT CONCEPT Through this agreement BENDORIKS INTERNATIONAL LTD  has access to world-class research and development, best practice processes, aggressive procurement contracts and international market leverage to ensure the company remains at the cutting edge of the Oil and Gas industry. The company's ability to generate profits and cash throughout the fluctuations of the Nigerian business cycle is testimony to the success of years of intensive business re-engineering and the cultivation of a continuous improvement culture that has embedded BENDORIKS INTERNATIONAL LTD's position.

BENDORIKS INTERNATIONAL LTD provides specialized services in Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning, Start-up and maintenance for On-shore, swamp oil and Gas projects, Flow line and Pipeline Construction, Chemical/Petrochemical Plants, Flow stations, Terminals, Industrial Installations and Major Civil works.

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